Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

Dissertation über SF-Fankultur

Die Dissertation "Close encounters of a different kind: A study of science fiction fan culture and its interactions with multiple literacies", die Gail A. Bondi heuer an der Indiana University of Pennsylvania geschrieben hat, kann online abgerufen werden.
Aus dem Abstract: "This study reveals science fiction fan culture as it was observed during a science fiction convention in southern California in 2009. Conventions, although social gatherings, are also places where learning takes place, and the culture is shared. The researcher, a fan herself, collected demographic data through an anonymous survey, then interviewed several fans to develop information about their educational history, cultural attitudes, and interactions with text. The evidence presented shows this group identifies itself as a subculture with its own language, arts, values, and traditions. Fandom also exhibits many characteristics of an affinity group as described by Gee (2003), in that its members are united by a common cause, and hold similar attitudes toward knowledge acquisition and information sharing".