Freitag, 28. November 2008

Enterprise Zones

Taylor Harrison, Sarah Projansky, Kent A. Ono, Elyce Rae Helford (Hrsg.): Enterprise Zones. Critical positions on Star Trek. Boulder: Westview 1996

  • "A Part of Myself No Man Should Ever See": Reading Captain Kirk's Multiple Masculinities (Elyce Rae Helford)
  • When the Body Speaks: Deanna Troi's Tenuous Authority and the Rationalization of Federation Superiority in Star Trek: The Next Generation Rape Narratives (Sarah Projansky)
  • Liminality: Worf as Metonymic Signifier of Racial, Cultural, and National Differences (Leah R. Vande Berg)
  • Dating Data: Miscegenation in Star Trek: The Next Generation (Rhonda V. Wilcox)
  • Cyborgs in Utopia: The Problem of Radical Difference in Star Trek: The Next Generation (Katrina G. Boyd)
  • A Fabricated Space: Assimilating the Individual on Star Trek: The Next Generation (Amelie Hastie)
  • "For the Greater Good": Trilateralism and Hegemony in Star Trek: The Next Generation (Steven F. Collins)
  • Domesticating Terrorism: A Neocolonial Economy of Differance (Kent A. Ono)
  • Boys in Space: Star Trek, Latency, and the Neverending Story (Ilsa J. Bick)
  • Enjoyment (in) Between Fathers: General Chang as Homoerotic Enablement in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Evan Haffner)
  • "All Good Things ...": The End of Star Trek: The Next Generation, The End of Camelot - The End of the Tale about Woman as Handmaid to Patriarchy as Superman (Marleen S. Barr)
  • Weaving the Cyborg Shroud: Mourning and Deferral in Star Trek: The Next Generation (Taylor Harrison)
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