Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2009

CfP: "Science Fiction across Media"

Die Tagung "Science Fiction across Media: Adaptation/Novelisation" wird von 28. bis 30. Mai an der Universität Leuven stattfinden. Den CfP mit Frist 27. Februar gibt's als pdf. Quelle: h-germanistik.
Aus der Beschreibung: "This conference wants to bring together scholars from science fiction studies, adaptation studies and literary studies to share their expertise and shed new light on science-fiction adaptations and novelisations. Besides film adaptation, there will be a special focus on the underdiscussed phenomenon of novelisation. Basically, novelisations are novels adapted from or based on a film, a TV series, a video game, or other media. In contrast to the more common adaptation process from book to film, novelisations are usually padded versions of screenplays. At least in its commercial or industrial form, a novelisation is released more or less concurrently with the film, as a marketing tool, in order to heighten visibility and awareness of the title. On the book market, however, the general public may easily confuse novelisations with novels adapted into films, as the latter are normally republished as tie-ins to film adaptations. As the study of novelisations and cinéromans has already progressed substantially in the French and Italian departments, this conference will be centred on English-language novelisations especially".

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