Dienstag, 24. März 2009

Anti-Fans and Non-Fans

In der Ausgabe 6 (2003) 1 des International Journal of Cultural Studies ist der Artikel "New Audiences, New Textualities. Anti-Fans and Non-Fans" von Jonathan Gray erschienen, den ich mir über die FH besorgt habe.
Aus dem Abstract: "Intentionally or not, audience research often equals fan research, as anti-fans and non-fans are ignored or assumed. However, televisual anti-fandom and non-fandom involve different viewing practices, different proximities from the text and, thus, different textualities. This article therefore argues for the necessity of more research into anti-fans and non-fans, proposing that such research will shed further light on the nature of televisual textuality and on the role of media talk and intertextuality in forming it".

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