Samstag, 22. August 2009

random fandom links hosts and lists science fiction fanzines on-line (RSS and mailing list available)

Fanac Fan History Project: "devoted to the preservation and distribution of information about science fiction and science fiction fandom. Here you might find your favorite fanzine, pictures of Walt Willis in Ireland or Harlan Ellison at the 1955 Worldcon. You can also find the words to an early filk song, information about an SF con near you AND all sorts of strange and wonderful information about fandom's past. And the present, too, because that's tomorrow's past"

Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Database: "on-line, searchable compilation and extension of Science Fiction and Fantasy Reference Index 1878-1985, Science Fiction and Fantasy Reference Index 1985-1991, and Science Fiction and Fantasy Reference Index 1992-1995, including material located since publication of the last printed volume" (RSS available)

The Voices of Fandom: "Our continuing 'mission' is to collect audio interviews and audio clips, either newly recorded or historic artifacts, spoken word or music, for the entertainment of interested science fiction fans everywhere! The site includes rare clips, interviews, stories of 'fan history', readings of fan writings, music, filk room recordings and voices of fans in the ongoing Fandom Oral History project" (RSS available)

MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive: "a gallery of over 8,000 photographs of science fiction fans and professionals taken at science fiction conventions and events around the world"

International Association of Audience and Fan Studies: "this new organization will promote cross-disciplinary communication, activities, and scholarship through traditional academic venues"

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