Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

"interactivity before that term became a buzzword"

Michelle Hiskey portraitierte gestern für The Atlanta Journal-Constitution unter dem Titel "Lilburn fanzine publisher helped sci-fi flourish" einen amerikanischen Fanzine-Schreiber und -Produzenten: "Brooks, now 72, became fascinated with other worlds during America's race to the moon. As a NASA wind tunnel engineer, hired after graduation from Georgia Tech in 1959, Brooks answered a small ad in a science-fiction magazine: 'Discover fandom for $2!' A stack of fanzines arrived. The authors weren't content with merely penning a note to a sci-fi magazine and hoping for publication. They wanted interactivity before that term became a buzzword and the guarantee that their comment would post. They stuffed fanzines with letters, poems, stories and critiques, as well as personal updates and random observations. 'Fandom is something that comes in the mail' was their slogan".

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