Dienstag, 29. März 2011

Zine-Ausstellung in Prag

Ian Willoughby schreibt in seinem Artikel "BigMag looks at post-1989 alt mags and 'zines" über eine Ausstellung alternativer Zeitschriften im DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prag: "Most of the five dozen magazines and close to 100 fanzines currently displayed at Dox are wall-mounted in clear plastic jackets, alongside blown-up front covers. Meanwhile, piles of some of the mags that enjoyed bigger print runs are also available to leaf through".

Die BigMag-Datenbank, die noch mehr dieser Publikationen verzeichnet, findet sich auf www.bigmag.cz. Zum Hintergrund des Projekts heißt es dort: "BigMag is a showcase of magazines which are otherwise not easy to find as they have never been displayed at eye level on the newsstands. Chance is they didn't make it to the newsstands at all. Some of them were published just once; others were for years just few Xeroxed copies held together with a glue stick. Some of them became a breeding ground for maverick journalists and some of them are now to be seen in design handbooks. Most of them have never gained any official recognition. But each of them is a testimonial to someone’s passion for distilling actual events and repeatedly communicating with the world through assemblage of text and image on paper".

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