Montag, 19. April 2010

Fanfiction issue of "The Escapist"

"I have a love/hate relationship with fanfiction. On the one hand, it makes my skin crawl. Especially some of the seedier stuff, the type where you just know some poor, deranged soul has been privately fantasizing about Princess Leia and, for some unfathomable reason, has decided to share those fantasies with the world. On the other hand, it can be fun - and fruitful - to borrow characters from your favorite movie/TV show/game and make them do your bidding (just so long as you're not making them hump). After all, without fanfiction, the internet would be pretty much content-free (save for content of people humping)", schreibt Russ Pitts in seinem Editorial zum Fan Fiction-Themenheft der Zeitschrift "The Escapist". Darin sind folgende Artikel enthalten:
  • "From Fanfiction to Just Fiction" / Vanessa Cohen
  • "Corporate Fanfic" / Dillon Sinnott
  • "Interviews With the Fandom" / Peter Parrish
  • "Hooking Up in Hyperspace" / Brendan Main
  • "What if Spock and Kirk Got It On?" / Greg Tito
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