Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

Paul Booth: Digital fandom

Gerade im Verbundkatalog entdeckt: Paul Booth: Digital fandom. New media studies. New York: Peter Lang 2010 (= Digital formations 68). Abstract von der Verlagsseite:

"This book re-evaluates the way we examine today's digital media environment. By looking at how popular culture uses different digital technologies, Digital Fandom bolsters contemporary media theory by introducing new methods of analysis. Using the exemplars of alternate reality gaming and fan studies, this book takes into account a particular 'philosophy of playfulness' in today's media in order to establish a 'new media studies'. Digital Fandom augments traditional studies of popular media fandom with descriptions of the contemporary fan in a converged media environment. The book shows how changes in the study of fandom can be applied in a larger scale to the study of new media in general, and formulates new conceptions of traditional media theories".

Henry Jenkins hat im August 2010 ein Interview mit Paul Booth geführt, das im Weblog "Confessions of an Aca-Fan" (Teil 1 ; Teil 2) nachzulesen ist. Booth spricht darin auch über die Limitierungen bei der Fan-Forschung:

"It seems that empirical data about fans can really only come from one of two sources. We can either ethnographically study fan communities, by joining fan groups, participating in fan discussions, or otherwise involving ourselves with fans; or, we can analyze fan-created texts that populate fan culture. (...) It is relatively easy to study either communities or texts, but it is relatively difficult to do both at once".

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